Safety Industrial LED Lighting with Modularized Design-Model L1403L (80W~300W)

The economical and safety industrial lighting, wattage 80W~300W: Model L1403L is a LED lighting with modularized design; and can be combined freely for desired brightness or to accommodate the size of the working space; as well as used for street lighting. The product is with a multi-functional application design, providing voltage options from 120V to 480V!

Model L1403L was granted UL844 explosion-proof certification for CID2 hazardous area application; and can fulfill the illumination needs of your various working environments.

In addition, the product uses a transparent PC cover, which is very suitable for food processing plants and storage tanks where glass bursting is strictly prohibited; or other places where lighting products might be hit easily.

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● L1403L Single
● L1403L Dual…

Industrial Lighting Solutions for a Coal Power Plant Attached to the Paper Mill

Are you having trouble with the factory lighting planning?
No worries, THT-EX has the dedicated and professional team to help you!

We have an R&D and engineering team with 20-year experience, more than 40 kinds of quality control testing equipment, and over 60 types of lighting options!Products are developed and manufactured inTaiwan with global explosion-proof certifications! We can create a safe, bright, and energy-saving working environment for you!

Our lights were installed throughout the entire plant of a coal bunker (a coal power plant attached to the paper mill), the following is the field installation video for your reference. We installed explosion-proof lights, emergency lights, exit signs, heat resistance lights… etc. and provided one-stop service from design, manufacturing, installation to the final inspection!

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about hazardous areas or industrial lighting solutions.

The Benefits of Installing a Lighting Reflector on Explosion-proof LED Light

In general, our Explosion-proof LED Light offers even and wide angle illumination for large working area. And if you need a more concentrated illumination for the specific area, than adding the reflector would help to achieve and even improve lighting utilization.  

What are the benefits of installing a lighting reflector?
1. The reflector can narrow down the light output range to achieve the lighting control.
2. Use the principle of light reflection to concentrate the light source and improve the illumination brightness.
3. Concentrated light can improve the lighting utilization; therefore a small wattage light with a reflector can achieved the brightness of a large wattage lighting and benefit you with energy saving and carbon reduction 

Let's look at comparison charts of the optical tests below. The optical spectrum after installing reflector is more concentrated, the brightness is greatly improved and the irradiation distance is three times than without reflector!

If you are thinkin…

24V Explosion-proof Portable & Maintenance LED Lighting for Low Voltage Areas!

In order to protect the safety of workers in hazardous areas, there are some restrictions on the use of equipment to avoid accidents. The voltage of the equipment is the key that directly affects safety. According to the regulations, a voltage below 30V must be used to avoid generating electric arc and explosions caused by equipment power connecting.

The same is true for lighting equipment. We provide a safe, 24V low-voltage portable lightings and maintenance lightings, suitable for any working environment where full of hazardous materials; and provide various portable brackets and wattage options (20W~120W). In addition, our 24V lightings are designed to be powered by both AC and DC current, without the need for additional converters!

The following video is about "Lighting Solutions for Low Voltage Areas". If you have any requirement, please feel free to contact us and let us solve your lighting problems in low voltage environments.

Case Sharing: Lighting Solutions for Harbor in Petrochemical Plant (Industrial Zone)

In addition to explosion-proof, dust-proof and waterproof(IP68) functions, THT-EX Lightings are alsoanti-corrosive
The products passed 1000-hour salt spray test and suitable for LNG, LPG and Coal shipment harbor where are high humidity and high salinity working environments. 
Light up the way home for you every day! :)

Lighting Planning & 3D Simulation of Offshore Drilling Platform.

When we do the lighting planning, we always focus on proposing the best illuminance and the most cost-effective solution for our customers. Our professional engineers make 3D simulation images by using relevant data to estimate appropriate quantity and specifications of lighting and simulate lightings application in the real environment; so that customers will have a better idea of what illumination will be with our light installed.
The post picture is a simulation diagram of the offshore drilling platform that we provided for our customers, which simulate the platform structure, space, and lighting configuration of the real situation. Our lighting products were granted ABS certifications and marine explosion-proof certifications, which are ideal for various kinds of offshore facilities and platforms.
THT-EX has a fast and efficient service team to provide complete and accurate lighting solutions! It is our mission to create a safe, bright & comfortable working environment for you.

Case Sharing-Hazardous Location LED Lighting Improvement in Paint Booth!

The illumination in the working environment of this case before improvement was uneven and dim after on-site measurement. Through THT-EX's professional lighting planning & simulation, the brightness of the environment was greatly improved (Total Lux from 250lux to 500lux). At the same time, we used fewer lightings and lower wattage to reduce electrical power costs and save energy & reduce carbon emission.There are lots of organic solvents in the paint booth and coating factory. Therefore, the implementation of safety, energy-saving, and environmental protection are our top priority.