100°C(212°F) Heat Resistant LED Lightings for High Ambient Temperature Environments

THT-EX’s AC-IN LED Lighting has no driver and is applicable to the environments of 100°C(212°F) high-temperature where are often troubled by driver failure problems. Our lighting can provide the safest illumination to your working locations and save you from hassle and bustle. THT-EX’s AC-IN LED Lighting is a worth to know lighting solution and your best choice!
Now, we would like to share with you the new Heat Resistant LED Lightings made by our AC LED driver-less technology. Without further ado, please take a look at the video which consists of a series of 100°C heat resistant testing; and give feedback if you are interested.

●100°C(212°F) Heat Resistant LED Lighting-DM:
●85°C(185°F) Heat Resistant LED Lighting-DM:

Field Installation of Explosion-proof IP Camera (CCTV) C1203 in Hazardous Area!

Go! Follow our quality control manager to check the performance ofExplosion-proof IP Camera (CCTV)in the hazardous area!
Please watch the video record and you can learn more from our product page.>>>
Other IP Camera Product Series: Explosion-proof LED Lighting with IP Camera L1704C>>> Introduction Video:
👉THT-EX Youtube Channel:

Embedded Solar Lights for Outdoor Aesthetic Illumination & Route Safety Guide Illumination.

In addition to providing solutions for explosion-proof lighting and waterproof lighting, THT also offers Solar Light product lines which can provide you with grid independent, stand-alone and plug & play features.  

We have designed our products to provide you contemporary aesthetic illumination or route safety guide illumination best suit for your outdoor needs, such as Commercial Areas Paths Light, Road Ramps Boundary Light, Building Appearances Light, Sidewalk Light, Airport Track Light, etc. 

Our Embedded Solar Lights with features as below:
● Compression strength up to 40 tons
● Waterproof rating IP68 (3M 120 MIN)
● 3-year warranty and 5-year maintenance service
● Corrosion resistance and UV resistance.
● 3~4hrs direct sunlight charging for 7~10 consecutive nights usage.
● Designed and Made in Taiwan with Quality Assurance

If you want to learn more, please visit our website for more information.

Explosion-proof LED Linear Light with Special Coating can Provide Extra Protection!

THT-EX's hit model L1319 Explosion-proof AC-IN LED Linear Light is now unveil with different look.

Just adding special coating will enable an extra protection for extreme harsh environment, such as petrochemical plants, chemical plants, offshore platforms and other highly corrosive environments.

THT-EX's customized service can always meet your needs! Please contact us for your unique service. 

◤L1319 Spec.:
IECEx / ATEX / UL Certified
100V / 110V / 120V / 200V / 220V / 277V Available
40W / 60W Available

◤Light Features:
Good mechanical design.
Beautiful and functional coating.
Excellent lighting performance.
The best hazardous area lighting solution.

Hazardous Area LED Lighting's Battery Production & Quality Inspection Records

Our IECEx & ATEX Hazardous Area LED Light with Battery Backup uses Li-ion Batteries as the power supply in the emergency mode which is with larger capacity, higher density, and made with Japanese battery cells. Although this will increase the cost, we insist on the best design and quality!

Compared with traditional batteries, Li-ion batteries have almost no memory effect and can be quickly recharged at any time! Besides, the lower self-discharge rate is less than 5% to 10% per month.

The following video is the battery automatic production, sorting and quality inspection records. All the batteries we use have granted the UL2054 certification. We always provide you with the safest and guaranteed products!

Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2020!

Hi, Friends~ Tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival 2020. What plans do you have? THT-EX Taiwan headquarters is closed for holiday from June 25 to 28. We wish you a happy and safe summertime! :)

THT-EX Hazardous Location AC-IN LED Lights Received Outstanding LM-84 Testing Result!

We would like to share an exciting news with you! THT-EX Hazardous Location AC-IN LED Lights L1102, L1217 and L1319 have received outstanding LM-84 testing result from UL !
The lumen maintenance rate and color maintenance rate are kept above the standard after 6000 hours burn in test. The high and consistent product quality is performed!
We ensure that all lights can continuously provide you with sufficient brightness and stable illumination after long period use.