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Explosion proof LED Light -50°C Frozen Test for 7 Days

In order to prove the durability of our Explosion-proof LED Lighting at extreme low temperature area, we froze lightings at -50°C environment for 7 days (Jun. 10 to Jun. 17). Fabulous! After a week frozen, these Explosion-proof LED Lightings can still be instant ON and maintain good illumination even covered with frost. Please see the frozen testing video, and we will continue this test for another 30 days! Remember to follow us for updates!! :)

Choose the Coating you like, Light the Safety you need!

Which product coating is much more easy to recognize and suits better for your safety management? THT-EX offers various kinds of product coating to fulfill different production and application environment requirement. Our customized service is beyond your expectation. Please contact us for more details. ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

THT-EX Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Giving back to the society is the responsibility of every enterprise in the world. Started from the founding of LTW to the THT-EX era, over more than 10 years' time; we continuously care for our beautiful hometown-Taiwan. We helped needy, built activity center for elderly & children, joined local cultural activities, improved school lighting to help prevent children from bad eyesight, donated ambulance & AED, provided scholarship and aid poor family. With empathy, our caring program has also extended from Taiwan to children's learning program in China & Vietnam. Also, we helped children in Philippines via Child Foundation, orphan adoption in Africa via ACC and donated Japan's 311 earthquake . THT-EX provides lighting solution for hazardous location; at the same time we also strive for bring hope and brightness to every corner of the world. We are a small company in Taiwan but our love and care to needy is endless and hope that with the join of everyone…

Welcome to OGA 2019! Please visit THT-EX's booth No. 4110!

Everything is all set! We are ready to welcome you atOGA 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The exhibition will be held from today to June 20, see you at THT-EX's booth No. 4110! :)

The Last Day of Downstream 2019. See you next year!

Thank you for your participation. Your support to 主題標籤Downstream 2019has made it a successful show! See you next year! :)

Please visit us at OGA 2019, Malaysia next Tuesday (06/18)!

Please visit us at OGA 2019,  Malaysia next Tuesday (06/18)!
The latest Explosion-proof LED Lightings, which apply to high temperature environment and many other IECEx, ATEX and UL certified explosion-proof LED lightings will be displayed on site.
THT-EX dedicates to design and manufacture the best lighting solutions for Zone1 / Zone2 hazardous locations, includes petrochemical factory, oil factory, steel factory, iron-foundry, etc.
Welcome to visit our booth (No. 4110). We have dedicated persons to service you at the site. :)
●Exhibition Dates: June 18-20, 2019 ●Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ●Booth No.: 4110

Please visit us at Downstream 2019!

Please visit us atDownstream 2019!
We will participate and display the latest Explosion-proof AC LED lighting solutions for high temperature environment applications. Welcome to visit our booth (No. D17). We have dedicated persons to service you at the site. :) ●Exhibition Dates: June 11-12, 2019 ●Location: George R Brown Convention Center (Houston, Texas) ●Booth No.: D17