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The basic requirement of Explosion-proof LED Lighting~ fireproof material

Just testing application..... 

let us flammability test in accordance with UL94 v-0,Ignite the LED protection ring for around 10 seconds When fire source disappears, the flame extinguish automatically
more again flame application around 10 seconds 
same situation !! 
This plastic component of our explosion-proof LED lighting meets the standard of UI 94V-0 

Wind load test of THT-EX Explosion-proof LED Lighting

We used the our product  100 w Explosion-proof LED lighting to testing this experiment at NCKU TAIWAN
We put in the LED lighting on Wind Tunnel 
Starts to accelerate the wind speed increase the wind speed .....
the wind speed reaches 32.9 m/s  to 60 m/s 
non- stop running 30 minutes 

our product can keeping satisfactory wind resisting performance in  wind tunnel 

Explosion-proof Lighiting planning for various hazardous classified areas

Top Hi-Tech can provide you different planning 
according to different various hazardous classified areas  

For example we can provide lighting planning 
for Warehouse areas , Tank areas , whole building 
and paper mills ......

If there has any question, please don't hesitate to let us know 
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Explosion-proof LED Lighting frozen testing  

we used the model no: P1202 to do this frozen testing  when the explosion-poof LED under frozen state  THT-EX LED still maintain on lighting !!  This LED operating temperature :-20℃- +40℃ we can support wattage : 40W/ 80W/ 120W/ 160W/ 240W