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Explosion-proof Switch improves your factory safety!

To offer a complete Explosion-proof solution , THTE-EX also design and manufacture Explosion-proof Accessoriesto help improving factory safety.
Following the completion of IECEx and ATEX explosion-proof certification, our Explosion-proof Switch was also granted Taiwan (TS) explosion-proof certification; and with the functions of automatic power-off protection, waterproof, and special coating for corrosion-resistant have made it an ideal product for hazardous locations.
No doubt, this will be a new choice for you! :)

Final countdown 2 weeks! Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition is just on the corner!

Welcome all of you who are in Middle East and Southeast Asia to visit THT-EX booth and find out the latest AC-IN LED Lighting solutions and applications for hazardous areas. We are professional at designing and manufacturing explosion-proof LED lightings. All products were granted international explosion-proof certifications which can be used in Zone 1 / Zone 2 / Zone 21 / Zone 22 harsh environment. We will provide professional lighting consultation and planning at site, please don't miss it!

Industrial Safety LED Lighting with 100°C Heat Resistant PC Cover - High Temp. Boiling Test Record

Generally, we concerned about using high wattage lighting would cause overheating, or high-intensity illumination would atomize or melt the PC cover and affect the performance of lighting and reducing its’ brightness. To prove our lighting quality, we examine the lightings through high temperature boiling test.
After 6 hours of 100°C (212°F) boiled test, our high wattage lighting still maintain good illumination. The PC cover has 130°C (266°F) high temperature resistance feature, no melting or cracking was found, and the waterproof rating is up to IP68. It’s a great choice as industrial safety lighting for high temperature environment.

Explosion-proof and High Temperature High Bay LED Light - Model L1512D

THT-EX Explosion-proof High Bay LED Light L1512D was granted the North American UL explosion-proof certification; and suitable for CID1, CID2, CIID1 hazardous areas. In addition, this luminaire is with heat resistance feature and can be used in 65-100°C high temperature environment, such as steel factory, iron-foundry or glass factory, etc. Model L1512D has good heat dissipation as well as the design of decreasing dust accumulation, independent light source, and the robust housing material provides excellent impact resistance and corrosion resistance. Comparing with the same grade of lighting, we have highest wattage and the smallest volume!

2019.10.10 Happy Birthday to Taiwan!!

Happy Birthday to Taiwan!! Let’s enjoy parade and watch firework on this day! For celebration, we will have holidays from October 10 to 13, 2019. Welcome to travel to Taiwan. 😊

Let’s work hard together for our home – Taiwan!

In our tradition, we have Elder’s Day to show our respect to the elderly every year. THT-EX is on 7th-year of treating older people with a nice meal and providing cash gift on the Elder’s Day. This is our way to appreciate the elderly and give back to our society.
In addition, THT-EX also provides scholarship to poor students in junior and senior high school as well as university. Furthermore, emergency allowance and meal providing to the poor in our community are also in our charity scope. We are hoping for the best of Taiwan and the world.  :)

The first reveal of THT-EX's AC IN Explosion-proof LED Lighting at ADIPEC 2019.

This is the first reveal of THT-EX’s world first AC IN Explosion-proof LED Lighting at ADIPEC 2019. We will showcase Explosion-proof LED lightings that apply to both high temperature and low temperature environment at site, please visit our booth No.13574 to learn more.

Hot selling Explosion-proof LED Linear Lighting Model L1319C was granted Taiwan explosion-proof certification after IECEx, ATEX and UL!

Again, we are one step ahead others! Our hot selling Explosion-proof LED Linear Lighting Model L1319C was granted Taiwan explosion-proof certification after being certified by IECEx, ATEX and UL! L1319C is an AC in LED lighting with driver-less technology which dramatically reduce size and weight. Besides, this streamlined product comes with reflector and concentrated light source; and with the maximum lighting wattage up to 120W, it could provide a bright, comfortable and safe illumination to your working environment.
Please check the following URL of L1319C product page to know more: L1319C-2ft L1319C-4ft