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Announcement Letter for Our Customers and Business Partners.


Hazardous Area Lighting with Special Coating can Meet the Needs in Different Harsh Environments!

In our service cases, customers often have request of installing lightings in a high acid, high alkali, and salty working environment where can easily cause equipment corrosion. And the best solution to this request is “Lighting with Special Coating”. THT-EX’s special coating was offered by our professional coating team; we add the special coating and have special surface treatment & spraying during the process. The uniform film thickness and color bring a beautiful appearance. Besides, thisspecial coating also can improve the weatherability, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance to meet the needs in different environments and increase the life of lightings. We can bring you a comfortable and safe working environment. Welcome to contact us for more information.

Various Mounting Bracket Options for Hazardous Location Lightings

In order to meet the needs of different installation requirements, we develop lightings and also continuously working on mounting brackets design. At present, there are up to 20 types of standard mounting brackets all of them are made from stainless steel and corrosion resistance featured; and some of them can be adjusted according to the needs of illumination angle and direction. In addition, we also can provide customized bracket for customers. All lightings and brackets are designed and made in Taiwan. THT-EX provides a variety of lightings and bracket solutions, our purpose is to bring you a safe, reliable and comfortable working environment.

Let Us Help Improving Medical Care Equipment in Remote Areas; and Protect More People’s Life.

When the world is facing COVID-19 pandemic disaster and the problem of medical supply shortage; we all need to give a hand and do our best to provide support to those in need in any possible way we can.
In Taiwan, we have advanced medical system, but remote areas are usually far away from hospitals, and residents ’life might be in danger due to short of medical help; therefore, adequate medical equipment in place to provide immediate assistance to precious life is highly needed. In view of the importance of first aid equipment, THT-EX continues to help improving medical care equipment in remote areas. For the past decade, we’ve donated over 300 sets AED to schools and police stations, and more than 30 ambulances to fire stations. Starting from this month, our ambulances No. 34 to No. 37 will be joining the first aid service. We hope that by giving back to the community could reduce the medical gap between urban and remote areas; and protect more people’s life.