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Do you know that coating is one of key element which affect the life of lightings?

Today, we’d like to talk about our Special Coating.
After special coating process, the lighting not only performs uniform coating thickness, but also has excellent weatherabilityin harsh environments! The process also bring other advantages includeAcid Pollutants Resistance, Salt Spray Resistance, Humidity Resistance, Wear Resistance and Oxidation Resistance. Lightings with these features are particularly suitable for using in oil drilling platforms or offshore working environment.

Electric and Power Indonesia 2019_THE-EX Exhibition Review

This is our first time to participate in Electric & Power Indonesia Exhibition and the process was going well! Thanks to everyone who visited our booth and gave us advices and made it a successful show. THT-EX will always provide good products design & quality and be your reliable partner of safety explosion-proof LED lightings for hazardous working environment. Safety is your top priority! :)

Wide Variety of Mounting Brackets!

THT-EX provides many kinds of explosion-proof lighting bracket options to accommodate different working environment and light up each of your work areas.
The bracket options include wall mount, hanging mount, stanchion mount, ceiling mount, or even 180° rotatable bracketis also available.
A lightweight AC IN explosion-proof LED lighting that equipped with an easy to disassemble and install mounting bracket can greatly improve your work safety!

Installation Training to Petrochemical Complex in Philippines

The Explosion-proof LED Lightings in the 40-feet container will be installed in the hazardous working areas of Petrochemical Complex in Philippines.
We show the latest AC IN LED lighting technology and give installation training to on-site technicians.
In a very short time, these internationally certified Explosion-proof LED lighting will be lighted up for workers’ safety!!