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UL Class I, Division 1 & Class II, Division 1 certification

THT-EX Explosion-proof LED lighting L1102 series has got UL Class I, Division 1; Class II, Division 1 Explosion-proof recognition. A better protection grade is presented.
This product series is applicable for hazardous environment where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids can exist all of the time or some of the time. L1102 products were already installed at many hazardous areas; such as air product factory, petrochemical plant, paper mill and biotechnology factory,...etc. 

Products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan with global certifications.

Filmed at barn (ceilling height 17 meters)

Our product installed barn ceilling height 17 meters 

ATEX Explosion-proof LED Lighting

ATEX Explosion-proof LED Lighting  from Taiwan
Applicable Hazardous Location
Zone1, Zone 2
Zone 21, Zone 22

Explosion-proof LED Lighting for Emergency repair

Explosion-proof LED lighting for emergency repair 
We used height adjustable 170-245cm lighting for adjust Get know our explosion-proof LED lighting  Easy to adjust and easy to carry!!

Explosion-proof AC LED Lighting

LED lighting equipment to be installed under the high risk environment, it should be need to on light 24 hours everyday 
but it not to much emphasis 
If have any accident , that should be can not imagine !! 

our team has extensive experience of outdoor electronics development, design & manufacture. 
We understand the strict quality requirement of outdoor and harsh environment electronics and test all products via the most riggorous quality system. 

Our company quality management system is ISO 9001 and 14001
approved whilst continued high investment support the in- house laboratory which includes a complete range of test equipment.

Explosion-proof AC LED Lighting for offshore application

THT-EX Explosion-proof LED Lightings have been in service on ORIII for more than a yearUnder Severe salty and humid environment the lightings still work perfectly THT-EX always provide the best design and finest quality to our customers