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Donated Ambulance wagons. Be good at every and itself. please help local needs

THT-EX recently received a thanksgiving letter from Hualian. So far we donated ambulance wagons is executed for 7460 times, and save 45 people whom no vital sign.It's our pleasure to give feedback for Hualian, where is a beautiful but need source place. THT-EX is back to the society, and hope more company would contribute this place. We hope you would offer some back to the society, and send love to everywhere.
This connect is the reference list we donated for a long time. If you would like donated them, please contact with their work unit. Thank you!

Lighting Tokyo Fair is about to end. THT-EX thanks all the guests to visit

Today is the last day of Lighting Tokyo Fair, THT-EX still fully prepared for our visitors. Our site IP testing own almost visitors eyes. THT-EX Lighting lightweight design is the visit point also. There are a lot of people visiting to ask the relevant technical information, THT-EX thanks all visitors support and concern!

Second days of Lighting Tokyo, THT-EX Products own high Inquiry

In second days of Lighting Tokyo, guests full of exhibition hall as usual. THT-EX Booth show of the pictures as a performance to describe the place where using THT-EX explosion-proof Lights. And this things catch guests eyes and Inquire some detail about explosion-proof products. Thanks for all of guests that visited THT-EX booth. If you would like go to Lighting Japan, please do not missing THT-EX booth! Our booth is located on East 49-12 (between East 6 and East 5 entry, Taiwan Area)

India PETROTECH today will be closed, Lighting Japan will start

India PETROTECH today will be closed. THT-EX still shows our products at booth. THT-EX booth is E35 (along the entry Hall 5 to end and turn left hand site), welcome to visit! In addition, Lighting Japan will start today. If you or your friends are in Japan, welcome to visit us! The booth is East 49-12, between the entry east 6 and east5.

Lighting Tokyo is beginning. THT-EX booth just waiting for you!

THT-EX sign up to attend Lighting Japan, the fair is coming! Lighting Japan is hosted in 1/15 ~ 1/17. In the fair, THT-EX will show up our full explosion-proof LED series and execute IP testing uninterrupted 2014 Lighting Japan Info please refer: THT-EX booth:
THT-EX booth bumber is East 49-12
(between East 6 and East 5 entry, Taiwan Area)

Explosion safety cannot be ignored. THT-EX work hard with you to build a SAFE industrial environment

Last year November Tsingtao pipe was exploded, now the survey report is announced. The event result from the intersection of oil pipe and drainage culvert was Corroded and cause ruptured. The oil was leaked to the drainage culvert and mixed other gas to flammable gases. Site disposal Staff were used unexplosion-proof hydraulic breaker to bored a hole, and then produce spark that exploded the oil.Remind you that explosion safety cannot be ignored. Once happened that were caused indelible hurt. THT-EX work hard with you to build a SAFE industrial environment.

2014 THT-EX explosion-proof LED Lighting in PETROTECH Fair, INDIA

PETROTECH Fair is starting. THT-EX exhibit great demand products and water tank for IP testing to attract all the guests. PETROTECH will be hosted in 1/12 ~ 1/15. Location is Exposition Mart Ltd, New Delhi (NCR), India. More Information please refer : booth is E35 as picture (along the entry Hall 5 to end and turn left hand site), welcome to visit!