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Happy New Year 2020!

Say Goodbye to 2019 and Welcome the New Year 2020! It’s exciting to meet new people, new challenges and new goals.
We wish everyone a good start!  & All is well in this new year!

New Product! Explosion-proof LED Tube Light-Model L1908

Explosion-proof LED Tube Light Model L1908 is a lighting fixture that comes with outlet box for easy and convenient installation. The design saves the cost of accessories used and time in your lightings’ connection.
This model provides 10W(1ft), 20W(2ft), 40W(4ft), 60W(4ft) for choice; and three type of mounting brackets , such as wall mount, hanging mount or street light to fit different installation demanding. Besides, its’ PC tube is specially suitable for food industry where glass tube is not allowed.
L1908 was granted North America UL certification and applicable to Class I Division2 / Class II Division 2 hazardous areas. Protecting your safety in harsh working environments.
Please click the link of product catalogue for more details.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Today is the most expected and warmest day of the year.🎅 We are grateful to the people who we met, everything that happened in this year; and sincerely hope that all your new plans and wishes will come true in 2020. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!🎄 😁Let’s play a little game: How many THT-EX products can you find in this image?

How much wattages of explosion-proof lightings do I need to install in factory?

In general, we will select appropriate wattage of lighting according to the installation height and required lux. The higher height, the more wattages should be used so as to provide enough brightness. Of course, it’s also necessary to assess the environment on site to check if there are other factors affecting the performance of illumination.
In order to fulfill clients’ requirement, THT-EX offers wide variety of lightings to meet any kinds of conditions; you can always find the right lightings which are suitable for your working environment! LED lighting is different from conventional HID lighting (Mercury Light, High Pressure Sodium Light, Metal Halide Light); it provides the same or higher illumination but with lower wattages. Further, it has higher energy conversion efficiencies, which means the electricity needed is lower and more energy saving!
The information on picture is for design reference only; your lux requirement and international standard should be put into considerat…

Thanks and Blessings from Children make this Christmas full of Love and Happiness.

In the cold season, receiving thank you cards and blessings from the children we supported in Vietnam that makes people feel warm; and also adds a love and happiness atmosphere to this Christmas. :)

Explosion-proof LED Lighting VS. Explosion-proof HPS Lighting

Is the LED Light Better than HPS Light?
Please see the comparison diagram as below, and watch the video “How to replace your HPS Lighting with a safer, energy saving LED Lighting”in our Youtube, then you will have the answer. :)

Explosion-proof LED Lighting -50℃ Frozen Test in 90 Days! (Low Temperature Resistant Challenge)

New test video release! The long waited frozen testing video is finally ready for public. We continued the frozen testing for 90 days to know if our explosion-proof LED lighting could withstand the low temperature environment of ice and snow.
And the answer is…….
Yes! THT-EX Explosion-proof LED Lighting still have good performance even at -50℃(-58℉) environment for a long time!
Let’s watch the test video and take a look how we challenge the limits of lightings.

Upgrading Lightings! Make a Brand-new and Brighter Working Environment in 2020!

We hurriedly send new Explosion-proof LED Lighting fixtures to our customers before the New Year 2020.
Replacing traditional lighting with LED can bring the benefits of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and carbon reduction.
Furthermore, the upgrade of lighting also makes a brand-new and brighter working environment! :)

Field Installation of Explosion-proof LED Lighting in Grain Barn - "Before & After" Comparison

Grain barn is a dust-filled area where full with flammable particles in the air. A small spark could cause an explosion in such environment. Therefore, using explosion-proof lighting is essential to avoid accidents.
In addition to solving the safety problem, upgrading the conventional HPS explosion-proof lighting to explosion-proof LED lighting, will make the whole working environment brighter and more comfortable.
After installation, we will measure lightings one by one to ensure the installation quality. Customer satisfaction and safety come first.