Breakthrough in Wattage! 500W Economical Explosion-proof LED Lighting!

There have been many explosions in the world recently. The most massive one was in Lebanon. These have brought more people’s attention to safety in factories where contain flammable substances!

THT-EX’s newly developed Explosion-proof LED Lighting-Model L1915 has granted IECEx & ATEX explosion-proof certifications! This product is an economical type, and provides multiple voltages and wattages options! The highest wattage is up to 500W, which can replace conventional HID lamps 1000W or higher wattage. In addition, the lighting is with plastic PC cover which is suitable for flour mills, grain mills, feed mills, food processing plants, etc., to prevent glass fragments from being mixed into food and harming consumers.

If you want to know more product information, welcome to the product page ( , or contact us, we’ll provide you professional lighting solutions.

Breakthrough in Wattage! 500W Economical Explosion-proof LED Lighting!


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