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THT-EX module EXP LED Lighting....... The last status of burn-in

THT-EX designed and processed explosion-proof lighting have been change to various different types of mounting to meet customers different needs. This is some of module goods, 80W explosion-proof street lighting and 160W explosion-proof spot lighting, status of burn-in. There are doing the last function tests. Every lighting we shipped is processed OQC. We hope the goods customer received is the best quality.

THT-EX new large-scale explosion-proof LED spot Lighting is wide projection range, and applying on parapet wall is possible!

This is THT-EX New type product - Large-scale explosion-proof LED spot lighting that maximum watt is 180, projection range is over 30 meters so that apply on parapet wall could be possible! The screws connect mount and spot lighting could change its seat to change spot angle of projection.

THT-EX EXP Lighting produce 200 pieces a day is possible! The Systematic process is care of quality and process simultaneously.

Figure is THT-EX explosion-proof lighting burn-in status in last produce step. THT-EX is care about the safety, all the lighting is certificated by third company. Before shipping, we do the burn-in to make sure product quality. Producing 200 pieces a day is possible! And we made the burn-in rule to complete the produce. Face to higher order, we are confidence that do everything best. THT-EX quality is obvious to all, thanks for every customer that give us advices and chances!