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Hazardous Location LED Light-2020 Product Review

In response to market demand, we committed to the development of high-wattage lightings, NEMA Beam angle lightings, and lighting with battery backup; and were successfully granted global explosion-proof certifications (UL, IECEx, ATEX). At present, the highest wattage can reach 500W, more than 60 kinds of products have been developed! Providing a wide variety of high-efficiency, energy-saving, economical, and modular style lighting options for choice! This year, we will also continue to develop better and more in-demand products, and obtain explosion-proof certification approval from respective global certification agency in each region! We assure to provide reliable and safe products! Thank you for your support to THT-EX, we welcome any valuable comments on product development.

New Product! Hazardous Location LED Lighting Meets NEMA Beam Angle Standard-Model L1733N.

THT-EX Hazardous Location LED Lighting L1733N has a new evolution!  It's our first product with diversified lens angles and was granted UL, IECEx, and ATEX certifications! It provides full voltage 100V~277V or 200V~480V, and with 70W or 105W options!  There are 11 types of lens and the luminous distributions meet the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard and are different from the general lightings, which are with limited illumination distribution types. Model L1733N can provide corresponding solutions according to the requirements of installation sites.  For example, the lens 60°x145° (NEMA 7x6) is very suitable for street lighting, as it can illuminate horizontally and be level with the straight road, light up the entire road without dark corners. If you want to know more applications of other angles, please contact us. ●Product page:

Long-term(365 Days) Weatherproof Test for Hazardous Location LED Lightings!

THT-EX’s Hazardous Location LED Lights are filed tested in an outdoor environment from spring to winter! The light fixtures experienced various kinds of harsh challenges and seasonal changes, including heavy rain, burning sun, storm, and cold waves. The high waterproof rating, robust housing, and protective coating demonstrate strong durability under such challenging environment.  In addition, we also carry out optical attenuation test every six months and stable illumination performance was verified.  The following video is the record of the test. We will continue to add more LED lightings for testing. Please keep following THT-EX posts! :)