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THT-EX Undersea Exploration Light passes depth 380-meter pressure test !!

For the purpose of checking quality limit, THT-EX has once again requested Undersea Research Institute of a famous Taiwnese universtiy to do the pressure-resistance test for our Undersea Exploration light. The tested sample model was L1105 and  its' picture is as below. Same as last time, the researchers drived their research vessel to the middle of ocean and used a carrier to  send the undersea video camera, deepth recorder and a undersea light to check the test status of our Undersea Exploration Light while it decsends to the depth of 380-meters. Afther the field test, our light shows no damage  on either its' apperance or function, which means that it has excellent quality and function to provide a steadiy lighitng for the undersea working environment!!  

The Global Petroleum Show Today for June 10, 2014

2014 Global Petroleum show opens on June 10 in Calgary, Canada

The largest petroleum show in North America ~ "2014 Global Petroleum Show" will be held on June 10 in Calgary, Canda. This year, the exhibition attracts more than 2000 exhibiting companies and 60,000+ attendees with indoor and outdoor exhibits span 720,000 net square feet. The exhibition focus areas includes Engineering & Construction, Oilfield Equipment, Health, Safety & Security and research & Development. This is an  experience you simply cannot afford to miss. T HT-EX will, for the first time, join the event. Our booth number is 5451 in the exhibition hall: Lower big 4. We will extend our connection to the North America and take a closer step to the international market through this exhibition.