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Happy Chinese New Year 2020! (Year of The Rat)

THT-EX Taiwan headquarters will have holidays from January 23 to 29 and resume to work on Jan. 30th. Our Japan and U.S.A. office still provide service on these days. 😃 Happy Chinese New Year 2020

The Craziest Explosion-proof LED Lighting Waterproof Test!

Raining is not challenging enough as a lighting test.  The best way is to turn on the power and soak the lighting to prove its' super waterproof performance! ☔ ️  We specially made an oversized stainless-steel water tank with a depth of 1.2 meters for this testing. All lighting fixtures must pass this IP68/ NEMA6P 💦 waterproof testing before shipment. Let's see how the test goes! 👷🏻 👉🏻 Test Demonstration: Explosion-proof LED Linear Light-Model L1319C_2ft (Please check our product page to know more.) ●L1319C-2ft: ●L1319C-4ft:

How Much Weight Can Our Explosion Proof Lighting Stanchion Withstand?

🔎 【Product Q&A Time】 Sometimes, we are asked “Is your lighting stanchion strong enough?” when introduce our products. In order to prove its’ strength, we took our lighting stanchion to Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan and had a Load Test. 👷🏻 The result of test proved that   our lighting stanchion can withstand a load of 4,000 kg(8,818lb)! 🙌 It’s equivalent to the weight of 2 pickup trucks! 🙌 With such strong structure, even in hurricane or snowstorm weather, our lighting will always stand guard for you and provide excellent illumination. 👍

What Can You Do for Australia Wildfires?

Australia wildfires have forced us to face and solve the problems of environmental changes immediately.😥 In addition to pray and donate to Australian people and animals, the thing we can do in our daily life is to reduce Carbon Emissions; such as reducing the use of plastic products, reducing meat consumption(reducing carbon emissions from animal husbandry)🐄, reducing the use of air conditioner and taking public transportation🚌 instead of driving! All of these will help to ease Global Warming and Climate Change!🌏 And for the factories, an easy step to reduce carbon emission is to use an Energy Saving & Environmental Friendly LED Lighting which provide the other benefit of saving maintenance cost to your working place. 🙋🏻 Let's join the battle against climate change. What Can You Do for Australia Wildfires?

Explosion-proof LED Light - 5 Million Power Cycle Test Succeed!

We finally completed another breakthrough test again! We took our Explosion-proof LED Light to challenge the “ 5 Million Power On-off Test ” and succeed!👏 This test proved how durable THT-EX's lighting is! 👍 After 115 days and 17 hours, the light engines are not damaged nor burned, they still provide an excellent illumination! All of our bold challenges just to make you feel reliable and safe with THE-EX lighting equipment. Maybe there exist risk while testing, but we will continue to do more and more test videos to prove our lighting quality, to review product design, to bring you a safer life. 😊