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Food Industry Lighting Solutions (10W~500W)

Global warming is intensifying and coupled with the rapid increase in population, the world is facing a possible food shortage crisis! However, the food processing and manufacturing process has caused many food safety issues. In May 2019, a famous Japanese winemaker announced the recycling of 280,000 bottles of coconut wine, because the broken glass was mixed into the wine when produced in Spain. In August 2018, Germany recalled spicy flavor cup noodles produced in Hungary which may be mixed with glass foreign matter. The recalled countries include Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, and Switzerland. The food contamination were due to human negligence. Yet, many can be prevented by manufacturing equipment preventive measures. For example, replace glass lighting products with PC lighting fixtures and avoid contamination from high-temperature aging or impact aging of equipment. Food safety requires all of us to work together!

Lighting Solutions for Frozen Areas and Cold Rooms (-65°C low-temperature environment available)

In consideration of luminous efficiency and energy saving; LED light is now commonly used at low-temperature locations, such as ultra-freezer room, cold storage warehouses, ice factories, low-temperature food processing plants, etc. LED light provides up to 75% energy saving and doesn’t affect the cooling efficient of freezer equipment; if compare with traditional light, LED light source is good for keeping freshness and sanitation of foods.   Our LED light can instant power on and operate at -65℃ extreme low-temperature environment and with benefits of higher luminous efficiency, longer lifetime, low heat generation, and protection grade of IP67 is especially ideal for preventing condensation ingression; all of these advantages make us stand out from others.  Besides, our light design is also perfectly suits the industrial grade ultra-low-temperature areas where safety is concerned.   Our lights have been tested at -65 ° C environment and still presented stable illumination & high

Hazardous Location LED Lighting Solutions (10W~500W)

If you think that lightings can only provide illumination…then, you are wrong! In a working area where is full of dangerous gas or dust materials, installing explosion-proof certified lighting equipment can ensure the safety of life & property!   In addition, we have to select lightings according to the condition of the working environment, as different illumination distances or installation heights require different lighting wattage! THT-EX commits to providing lighting solutions for hazardous areas. Since 2002, we have developed and manufactured more than 60 kinds of lightings with wattage 10W~500W & voltage 24V~480V ; and design various kinds of lighting brackets and able to provide the most suitable lighting equipment according to your workplace.   The following chart suggests how to choose the right wattage according to the installation height. Furthermore, using lower wattage LED lightings to replace conventional high-wattage HID lightings will not only save electricity c