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Hazardous Location LED Lighting Field Installation-Chemical Waste Treatment Company

The modern technology has brought convenience to our life but also created lots of industrial waste. The only way to find balance between technology and environmental protection is to recycle and reuse the industrial waste and minimize environment damage. THT-EX provides safe illuminations for the waste treatment and conduct our commitment to environmental protection and safety. 新增說明文字

Downstream Virtual 2020_Welcome to sign up for free!

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The Key to High-Quality Explosion-proof LED Lightings: Glass Flatness Inspection

Do you know that the glass used in explosion-proof lights is different from general lights? Glass is deemed as one of the key explosion-proof components, and surface flatness plays an important role of its’ quality! The glass is tempered and enforced with impact resistant feature to withstand the power of internal explosions. In addition, the flatness must comply with the requirement of international explosion-proof standard. Glass with excellent flatness can fit evenly to the light enclosure and prevent the passage of sparks effectively; in contrast the glass will break when an interior explosion of the light occurs. THT-EX strictly controls the quality of each lighting and inspect whether the flatness of each glass is qualified when it is received. Only qualified glass can be used! We ensure that every explosion-proof lighting is provided to the customer with safe and reliable quality!

New Products! Waterproof LED Flood Light 75W~1200W!

【New Product Launch】 In order to satisfy various non-explosion-proof lighting requirements; THT extends our product lines to the applications of outdoor & indoor sports arenas, stadiums, expressways, airport, shipping terminals, park and plazas, etc., so every need can be taken cared. The newly launched product “Waterproof LED Flood Light” comes with 3 different series for choice: AD Series, 3L Series and GI Series. The available wattage is from 75W to 1200W, voltage 100V~277V / 347V~480V; all of lightings are featured with the advantages of high luminance, high efficiency, high protection grade and energy saving . Please take a look at each product introduction and know more about their features. If you have the demand of flood lighting, please feel free to contact us or visit our website to learn more, thank you. Website:

Explosion-proof Portable LED Light - Model L1203

Sometimes we have to repair equipment or check the production progress in the place where lighting installation is impossible; then, the portable lights are needed to illuminate those dark gaps or corners. However, it’s necessary to carry an explosion-proof lighting if your working environment is with explosive gases or flammable substances to avoid sparks and explosions. THT-EX Explosion-proof Portable LED Light was international explosion-proof certified, such as UL (North America), IECEx (International Electrotechnical Commission), ATEX (European Union), CML(Japan), TS (Taiwan), etc.; and applicable to Zone 1 / Zone 2 / CID1 / CID2 hazardous areas . The length of the lighting wire can be adjusted according to your working distance. Model L1203 is low profile design and lightweight (1.8kg = 0.4bl), lm/w≧100, waterproof IP68; like a snake and not restricted by any topography. There is no hiding from its bright eyes! L1203 Product Specification: https://www.tht-ex.