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Hazardous Area LED Lighting's Battery Production & Quality Inspection Records

Our IECEx & ATEX Hazardous Area LED Light with Battery Backup uses Li-ion Batteries as the power supply in the emergency mode which is with larger capacity, higher density, and made with Japanese battery cells. Although this will increase the cost, we insist on the best design and quality! Compared with traditional batteries, Li-ion batteries have almost no memory effect and can be quickly recharged at any time! B esides, the lower self-discharge rate is less than 5% to 10% per month. The following video is the battery automatic production, sorting and quality inspection records. All the batteries we use have granted the UL2054 certification . We always provide you with the safest and guaranteed products!

Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2020!

Hi, Friends~ Tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival 2020. What plans do you have? THT-EX Taiwan headquarters is closed for holiday from June 25 to 28. We wish you a happy and safe summertime! :) Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2020

THT-EX Hazardous Location AC-IN LED Lights Received Outstanding LM-84 Testing Result!

We would like to share an exciting news with you! THT-EX Hazardous Location AC-IN LED Lights L1102, L1217 and L1319 have received outstanding LM-84 testing result from UL ! The lumen maintenance rate and color maintenance rate are kept above the standard after 6000 hours burn in test. The high and consistent product quality is performed! We ensure that all lights can continuously provide you with sufficient brightness and stable illumination after long period use.

THT-EX Hazardous Area LED Street Lights are Durable in Extreme Weather!

As the global warming situation continued, that warming has triggered many other changes to the Earth’s climate. In order to cope with this extreme climate, it’s necessary to have super weather resistance design for outdoor products! THT-EX Hazardous Area LED Street Lights are designed to meet these rigorous environment requirements! In addition to the explosion-proof function, the design of this luminaire also delivers other outstanding performances, such as waterproof rating IP67/68, strong wind resistance up to 17 Beaufort, strike protection, applicable to high/low-temperature locations and corrosion resistance; it can ensure the quality of lightings and provide customers with the most reliable products. In addition, our customized design services for all of our lighting products are always ready to fulfill your need. It’s rainy season in Taiwan recently. THT-EX explosion-proof LED lightings still stand firm and provide stable illumination in harsh stormy weather!

New Product! UL CID2 Hazardous Area LED Flood Light: Model L1719

THT-EX's latest Hazardous Area LED Flood Light was granted UL explosion-proof certification and can be used in CID2 hazardous areas , which require high performance, high reliability illumination. L1719 offers choices of round & rectangular SMD light source and carries the widest range of voltage from 100V to 480V and the highest wattage, 300W, among our Explosion-proof product lines. Compared with the same specification lightings in the market, our product is smaller volume and lightweight! Besides the energy consumption of LED light source is at least 50% less than traditional HID light sources ; its’ longer lifetime feature allows you to reduce maintenance costs and the design of separate wiring compartment enables easy connection. If you are looking for a flood lighting that can meet all installation conditions, then this Model L1719 is definitely your best choice! Model L1719 Product Page:

New! Explosion-proof LED Light with Battery Backup (Emergency Mode)!

New product released! Celebration! THT-EX’s Model L1815A and L1815C were granted IECEx & ATEX certifications! L1815A is our first explosion-proof LED lighting with Li-ion battery backup . It not only can be used as an explosion-proof lighting to light up hazardous working environments, but also provide 2 hours (120 mins) of 40W illumination in emergency mode during the power outages better than industry standard 90 mins , this will allow enough response time and minimize loss. Our lighting equips with Mean Well driver, Panasonic batteries (Please charge 48 hours every month to maintain the battery's performance) and with a one-year warranty. L1815C is an explosion-proof LED high bay lighting which provides wattage of 120 & 150 and 100V ~ 277V & 200V ~ 480V full voltage for your choice. Its’ excellent lighting efficiency (lm / w > 127lm) can replace 500W traditional HID lights and provide sufficient illumination for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22 hazard