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7th Banquet for Elderly People

THT-EX is in its 7th of holding the banquet for elderly people; this is our way to show respect to them. Elderly could exchange and share their feeling through this one time a year banquet. It is always great to see the smile of elderly and that encourages us to continuous held this event.

UL Class 1, Division 1 approval was granted

There is one more Explosion-proof LED Lighting received UL approval. Product Model No. L1105 not only approved by IECEx / ATEX but also passed the highest UL protection level - C1D1. With assurance from many kinds of international Explosion-proof recognitions, you can use our products with ease. THT-EX always dedicated to providing safe and bight illumination to hazardous working locations.

Yellow illumination for Lithography

Recently, we provide the use application of explosion-proof LED lights in lithography. All of our products can be used in lithography process. Yellow illumination eliminates wavelengths that shorter than 500nm, which helps to prevent UV revealing. Model NO. L1601, L1319, L1320…have been applied to lithography by customer requirements.

New Product─Model L1403AS were certified by TS

New products of Explosion-proof LED lighting, Model NO.L1403AS were granted TS certification which applicable in hazardous area Zone 2. We offer 65W / 75W / 80W / 95W, white and warm light to choose. All of our products are waterproof IP 68. We are committed to providing safe and reliable explosion-proof products to all of our valued customers and business partners. Your safety is ours!