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How to smartly plan your industrial lighting in an energy saving way?

How to smartly plan your industrial lighting in an energy saving way? Here are a few tips! Planning lighting fixtures according to illuminance standards for different workplaces to provide averaged and no glare light distribution. Take advantage of natural light to reduce lighting times. Setting up independent circuits according to different working area. When there is no production, the lighting can be turned off. Using high-efficiency lighting fixtures to achieve the same illumination with fewer wattage and less lighting. Using easy maintenance lighting design, such as lower malfunction AC-IN driver-less LED Lighting and the housing with dustproof design. A good lighting planning can not only achieve energy saving, but also can increase your work efficiency and prevent accidents if in a bright working environment! High Bay LED Lighting

Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2019.

Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2019 was ended successfully! We expanded the booth space; so as to introduce wide variety of hazardous location lighting, and the latest IECEx / ATEX / UL explosion-proof certified products to everyone! Furthermore, we also shown 100 ° C steam testing and waterproof IP68 testing at site to prove our product quality and reliability. If you miss this one, then don't miss out our upcoming exhibition EPRE Indonesia, which will be held from Sept. 11 to 14th in Jakarta, Indonesia! See you there! ^^

Hazardous Location Lighting for Zone 1, Zone 2 Area.

Is your job in hazardous areas such as refineries, chemical factories, power plants or offshore platform? Do you know that you can protect the life by using explosion-proof equipment? In order safety, there is needed of corresponding electronic equipment which providing different levels protection in different hazardous area. According to EU standards, the explosion-proof area is divided into Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2. We have developed up to 45 kinds of Explosion-proof LED Lights for various applications, such as explosion-proof high bay lights, explosion-proof linear lights, explosion-proof tank viewer lights, explosion-proof UV lights, explosion-proof portable lights, etc . These lightings were granted global explosion-proof certifications: IECEx (International Electrotechnical Commission) ATEX (European Union) UL 844 (North America) TIIS (Japan) TS (Taiwan) GB (China) KC (Korea) and they can be applied to Zone1 and Zone 2 hazardous area. Welcome t

THT-EX Explosion-proof LED Lighting is not only explosion-proof, but also waterproof!

Our lighting is designed with high protection grade IP68 / NEMA 6P , and suitable for outdoor and high humidity environment, such as ship building and maintenance site. (ABS certified) Furthermore, our lighting is pressure resistant and has passed 1000-meter underwater pressure testing , which can also be used as special underwater lighting, ROV lighting, offshore wind power lighting, ocean exploration and salvage lighting and submarine communication cable maintenance lighting, etc. Welcome to our Youtube to watch more videos.^^

Count down 36 days to the Electric, Power & Renewable Energy Indonesia 2019!

The  Hazardous location Lighting solution  for power plant, offshore wind power and oil & gas industry from THT-EX is introduced to Indonesia for the first time. All of our driver-less AC IN  Explosion-proof LED lighting  are designed and manufactured in Taiwan with international certifications. Please visit our booth for more information. :) ●Date: 11-14, September, 2019 ●Location: Jakarta International Exhibition Center ● Booth No.: 3307