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Industrial safety is the top priority

Chemical plant is a dangerous place where contains of many explosive air and/or liquid. People should pay more attention to all the running equipment and all working process and extra protection is also required. Nowadays, industrial safety is the issue that government and labors most concern; hence a prevention action is especially important and should not be neglected.   In view of using flammable and explosive substance are normal in many of modern industrial processes ; if the mixture of flammable gas and air reaches a certain concentration even a tiny spark could cause an explosion . It is just like a walking bomb that could go off anytime; extremely dangerous.   The following news are about the industrial accident caused by benzene leak and it proves the importance of industrial safey and protection. Please use approved Explosion-proof products to safeguard your life and property.    Form BBC news

THT-EX continues on social care and donates other 3 ambulances

THT-EX donated 3 ambulances to Taoyuan county, Taiwan on June 25th; as of now in total 23 ambluances were dontaed. Ambulance is playing an important role in the health care system, especially for first aid which has to again the clock.  The donated ambulance No. 20 to 23 are offically on duty last Wednesday which will serve the second  and fifth largest population city as well as a small town in Taoyuan. It is believed that those ambluances will bring the biggest beneift to the people in need. Meanwhile THT-EX will also continues to follow our mission " make profit and feedback to our society".