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Energy Saving and Recyclable Explosion-proof LED Lighting.

Technology has enabled new levels of convenience at our life; and it can also be used to save the planet too. THT-EX explosion-proof lighting uses LED to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction. Besides, our products don’t have harmful substances such as heavy metals and mercury. There is no toxic gases emission during production process; and all waste water, waste oil, and waste material are recycled. When lightings are end of the service life, 95% of components are recyclable. 「Protect the environment is everyone's responsibility. 」 :)

THT-EX provides you Professional Lighting Consulting, Planning and Simulation services!

Do the lightings in your factory are not bright enough? Don’t know what kind of lighting is best for your factory? Do you need lighting solutions for special area or hazardous location ? THT-EX has many years of lighting planning experiences and senior R&D engineers who are recognized by IECEx. We provide Professional Lighting Consulting, Complete Planning and Simulation Services to solve all your lighting problems efficiently! Please feel free to contact us. :)

Upgrading Your Lighting from HPS to LED Lighting Easily!

Do you want to change conventional HPS explosion-proof lighting to energy-saving LED lighting but afraid of hassle? Don't worry! THT-EX offers different types of retrofit kits that fit all your existing HPS lighting. You can easily change the lighting without removing the original bracket and changing electric wiring. Just 3 minute of quick replacement, and you can have an Explosion-proof LED Lighting with ease! Please watch our video to know more how to replace your lighting from HPS to LED quickly.

THT-EX Explosion-proof LED Tank Viewer Light Monitor Your Factory Safely!

Keeping watch over the liquid processes, chemical reactions, mixing processes or reaction tanks in a chemical factory is to avoid errors during production, but do you know how to monitor it safely? In addition to a viewer glass window with pressure and impact resistance, we also need a highly protective explosion-proof LED lighting which can be used in area where full of dangerous factors without fear of causing fire; if we want to monitor inside of the tank clearly. THT-EX designs a variety of Explosion-proof Tank Viewer Lights which come with customized bracket to fit your tanks, and be provide with Waterproof IP68, Corrosion Resistance, Heat Resistance features. If you need advanced protection, install another Explosion-proof LED Lighting with IP Camera is the best way. You will be able to monitor l

Driverless Technology, Free from LED Lighting Blinks!

Do you ever encounter lighting blinking on the street? What are the causes of lighting failure? Please see the video and you will know how lighting with driverless technology can avoid these failure problems. 😊

Do your lightings in the hazardous working environment are really safe?

Do your lightings in the hazardous working environment are really safe? THT-EX ’ s every explosion-proof LED lighting was granted multiple certifications and verified with several tests to ensure the most rigorous and safest quality was achieved. All these global certificates mean our professional, commitment, concentration, and dedication to our clients ’ work safety. The sole purpose is to provide you with safe and reliable product.  Safety is uncompromised ! There is no second chance for precious life! THT-EX, a trustworthy partner to your work safety!