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New Product─Explosion-proof IP Camera

As a start of 2018, we launch the newest products ─ Explosion-proof IP Camera. You can get the real time image of your working environment from the explosion-proof IP camera which would provide a safer in workplace. There is also a combination of lighting and IP camera available, and the lighting can be turned off if required. All of explosion-proof products were granted related certification, which can be used in hazardous locations. There are 3 models of the same series, please refer to our website for more information. C1203- Explosion-proof IP Camera (CNS was granted) L1704C- Explosion-proof LED Light with IP Camera (CNS was granted) L1102 with IP camera- Explosion-proof LED Light with IP Camera (UL was granted)

Model No. L1102 and L1319 were granted CML approval

Two of THT-EX’s Explosion-proof LED Lightings, model No. L1102 and L1319 were officially granted CML approval in Japan and are the only certified AC IN Explosion-proof LED Lightings from Taiwan. These two products were also granted multi-national certifications include UL C1D1, IECEX, and ATEX; besides of Japanese CML approval, which can provide a safer illumination to your factory. We care about your safety! L1102 Product details L1319 Product details

THT-EX donated 30 sets of AED

THT-EX has been dedicating to safeguard health & life of Taiwanese people and had donated 264 sets of AED as of now. Today 30 sets of AED were installed in public library in New Taipei City which will offer a much more safe reading environment.