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Case Sharing: Lighting Solutions for Harbor in Petrochemical Plant (Industrial Zone)

In addition to explosion-proof, dust-proof and waterproof(IP68) functions, THT-EX Lightings are also anti-corrosive .  The products passed 1000-hour salt spray test and suitable for LNG, LPG and Coal shipment harbor where are high humidity and high salinity working environments.  Light up the way home for you every day! :)

Lighting Planning & 3D Simulation of Offshore Drilling Platform.

When we do the lighting planning, we always focus on proposing the best illuminance and the most cost-effective solution for our customers. Our professional engineers make 3D simulation images by using relevant data to estimate appropriate quantity and specifications of lighting and simulate lightings application in the real environment; so that customers will have a better idea of what illumination will be with our light installed. The post picture is a simulation diagram of the offshore drilling platform that we provided for our customers, which simulate the platform structure, space, and lighting configuration of the real situation. Our lighting products were granted ABS certifications and marine explosion-proof certifications , which are ideal for various kinds of offshore facilities and platforms. THT-EX has a fast and efficient service team to provide complete and accurate lighting solutions! It is our mission to create a safe, bright & comfortable working environment for yo

Case Sharing-Hazardous Location LED Lighting Improvement in Paint Booth!

The illumination in the working environment of this case before improvement was uneven and dim after on-site measurement. Through THT-EX's professional lighting planning & simulation, the brightness of the environment was greatly improved (Total Lux from 250lux to 500lux). At the same time, we used fewer lightings and lower wattage to reduce electrical power costs and save energy & reduce carbon emission. There are lots of organic solvents in the paint booth and coating factory. Therefore, the implementation of safety, energy-saving, and environmental protection are our top priority.

New Entrance Threads of Cable Gland for Armoured Steel Wire with IECEx & ATEX Certifications.

Do you notice that the cable also has a risk of explosion? When we connect power cables or communication cables to equipment, we need to have cable glands for connection. Sparks may be generated during this process and an explosion may occur if the environment is full of flammable substances. THT-EX’s cable gland for armoured steel wire is with the functions of explosion-proof, dustproof, and IP66 waterproof; which was granted the IECEx and ATEX explosion-proof certification! Our cable gland can be used in -40°C~+95°C environment and available in various entrance threads, include NPT 1”, NPT 1/2”, NPT 3/4”, NPT 1-1/2”, NPT 1-1/4”, M20, M25, M32, M40, M50 for choice . Applicable to the petrochemical industry, shipbuilding industry, energy industry or rail transportation, etc.  We ensure your safety in hazardous work areas! Product Page:

100°C(212°F) Heat Resistant LED Lightings for High Ambient Temperature Environments

THT-EX’s AC-IN LED Lighting has no driver and is applicable to the environments of 100°C(212°F) high-temperature where are often troubled by driver failure problems. Our lighting can provide the safest illumination to your working locations and save you from hassle and bustle. THT-EX’s AC-IN LED Lighting is a worth to know lighting solution and your best choice! Now, we would like to share with you the new Heat Resistant LED Lightings made by our AC LED driver-less technology. Without further ado, please take a look at the video which consists of a series of 100°C heat resistant testing; and give feedback if you are interested. ●100°C(212°F) Heat Resistant LED Lighting-DM: ●85°C(185°F) Heat Resistant LED Lighting-DM: