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186-degree omnidirectional projection of explosion-proof LED lighting (UL844 C1.D2)

THT-EX’s 20W explosion-proof LED light L1705A is designed with lighting post ( similar to HPS), the light source is not sheltered by the housing hence performance a wider beam angle. The same series of explosion-proof LED light L1705C us es tall cylinder type lighting post design which can has light source at four sides  and provid es 40W, 50W, 70W and 80W comprehensive selections of omnidirectional (wide beam angle) illumination. Both of these products were grante d UL Class 1, Division 2 certification and deliver a safe r and no blind area illumination in a better way than traditional Explosion-proof HPS and metal halide lamps for all hazardous environments.  THT-EX gives you all sorts of choices!

New Product - Cable Gland for armored steel wire

THT-EX newly released  NPT 3/4” and NPT 1/2” two types of explosion-proof cable gland for armored steel wire. The products are applicable to all kinds of armored steel wires which are with high strength mechanical protection layer to prevent external damage and ensure a much more safer working environment.