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Happy New Year 2021!

It’s very tough in 2020… but, we have overcome all difficulties together! ^^ Now, we still cannot relax and take risks in 2021! We must continue to guard the world and pay attention to the pandemic! On this day of celebration, please stay home and celebrate the New Year with your family! Keeping your body healthy & safe is the only way for you to enjoy and explore a better life in the future! Happy New Year 2021!

Merry Christmas 2020!

Hi Friends~ Merry Christmas!! THT-EX wish you lots of love, joy and happiness on the holiday season. May all your Christmas Dreams come true!! :D

Utilize the Local Services of UL - A Newly Raised Star in N.A. & International Market_THT-EX

People in the Explosion-proof industry know that North American certification is the most stringent and has a higher certification failure rate among the global safety standard. After 3 years and 8 months, T HT-EX finally obtained UL's first "Explosion-proof LED Lighting" certificate in the Greater China Region in 2014. Product complies with UL 844, the North American regulations, offers an entry ticket for the North American market! Thanks to the guidance and rigorous testing of UL laboratory in Taiwan, which motivate us to innovate more excellent & safe products. This article is a record of UL’s interview. Hoping that our case of cooperation with UL can be shared with more people and help them to successfully enter the international market. This success story is translated from UL’s report, and the original one can be found at

High Temperature 100°C (212°F) Boiling Test for 300W Hazardous Location LED Lighting!

The harsh environments, include high heat and high humidity, have always been big challenges to the performance and lifetime of lighting fixtures. Recently, we tested our newly launched high-power lighting in a high-temperature environment to verify its’ quality. The testing was conducted in a wide & empty place on a mountain to ensure the safety of staff. When the 300 wattage lighting illuminates, it’ll generate higher heat energy. We put it in 100°C boiling water for more than 12 hours and found that the lighting wasn’t affected by the heat. The heat energy didn’t cause the lighting to fail and still provide excellent illumination! The following video is a test record, let's take a look! :D If you want to know more about the amazing features of THT-EX LED Lightings, please feel free to contact us!

Helping the University to Rebuild the Bright! THT-EX Waterproof LED Lightings Donation.

Sun Yat-sen University locates in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and is close to the beautiful coast of Sizihwan Bay. It has a wonderful environment but faces the corrosion damages brought by the highly salty environment. In particular, the street lighting fixtures in the campus look good from the outside, but the internal components cannot withstand the long-term corrosion from sea salt, wind, and sand… all of these make lightings easy to fail. 😔  To meet the needs of Sun Yat-sen University and consider the safety of students, THT-EX donated 400 pieces of Waterproof AC in LED Lightings which are widely used in the street light, sidewalk light, stadium light, parking lot light, architectural light... etc. Helping the university to rebuild the bright! 👷

Economical & High Power Explosion-proof LED High Bay Light Model L1512D (IECEx&ATEX Certified)

Good news! High power explosion-proof LED light L1512D was granted IECEx and ATEX certification! The new model L1512D uses SMD light source and offers the maximum wattage of 250W, which can replace 500W conventional HID light and provide better luminous efficiency! This model is an economical type with a robust enclosure and good heat dissipation design! In addition, if you need to install lighting in a very harsh environment, such as high humidity, high salt or high alkali area… then, we’ll recommend adding special coating to increase the corrosion resistance and durability of lighting fixture. Welcome to the official website as below for detailed product information.