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SAFETY is the most important KEY in Petrochemical Plant.... Please using the certificated products.... THT-EX work hard with you

Last month Texas chemical plant was exploded and raise people up the concern to toxic chemicals, this days found that over 120 chemical plant exist toxic chemicals in 28 state, USA. And there are became the potentially hazardous areas. The safety of chemical plants is concerned. Once damage happened, there is not only destroy plant but also the residents very likely. Safety is the key issues that all the chemical must to concern about. The potentially exploding storage have to use certificated explosion-proof products. According to different national standard, it need choose different certificated explosion-proof products from IECEx, Atex, GB, TIIS, FM or CNS. THT-EX specialize in explosion-proof products, such as explosion-proof LED lighting, junction box, switch, union or exit sign. Work hard with you for industry plant safety.