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Explosion-proof LED Lightings Challenge 100°C Heat Resistant Test for 90 Days!

Do you know that explosion-proof LED lightings can be designed with heat resistant feature ? The general explosion-proof LED lightings on the market only could withstand 80°C, but THT-EX explosion-proof LED lightings can withstand high temperatures up to 100 °C ! Why? Because we use the latest Driver-less AC in technology ! AC in (Driver-less) LED lightings do not have complicated wiring or components. As long as the lighting has a good heat dissipation design, it would not be affected by high temperature and cause to fail. THT-EX Heat Resistant Explosion-proof LED Lightings provide you the best lighting solutions for high-temperature working environments such as steel plants, paper mills, foundries or glass factory, etc. Let's take a look at the record of explosion-proof LED lightings Model L1105 challenging 100 °C heat resistant test for 90 days.

Let's Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) Together!

The company is like a small society. In order to avoid cluster infections, the work of fighting viruses needs to be more rigorous! THT-EX complies with the government's epidemic prevention guidance, wearing facemasks, washing hands regularly and measuring body temperature to ensure the health and safety of each employee. Only in this way, the company can continue to provide services; and protect customers’ health and safety of working environment. Let's Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) Together!

The Advantages of Explosion-proof LED Lighting with PC Cover!

Explosion-proof LED light has several nice functions if use a PC cover! PC cover has the highest level UL94 5VA of flame retardant and can be used in 65°C environments; moreover, it has 10 times more impact resistance than glass cover . In addition, adding diffuser on lightings could present more uniform illumination, avoid eye discomfort and reducing work inefficiency caused by glare. In food processing plants or agricultural storage tanks where falling broken glass are prohibited, the Explosion-proof LED lighting with PC cover is more widely installed. THT-EX’s lighting models L1512, L1403AS, L1601C, L1908 and L1511 are all with PC cover. They designed with two types cover: clear and diffuser, which can be selected according to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information, we will provide the most professional and reliable lighting solutions for you.

Safety is Priceless.

An environment without safety will contain serious crisis all the time. Especially, when the recent coronavirus outbreak has caused so many death; we all should pay attention to precaution. It is common that the price-oriented products are used all over the hazardous areas of petrochemical industry, steel industry, mining industry and marine industry. And there is high occurring possibility of unsolvable disaster since safety is not considered as priority. Using the right and safety recognized appliances & equipment to ensure the safety of your working environment, so that your life and property can be protected. Safety is always the top priority!